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Sean Michels School - Sponsor a Child

As one of the most direct and rewarding means for helping the Kenyan children, one of the main programs of the parent-organization Koins for Kenya is its "Sponsorship" program.  While this program is relatively new at the Sean Michels School (SMS), the Koins organization now sponsors nearly 100 children in the Kenyan grade schools.  Although Kenya technically requires that all children attend K-12 school classes, many children are unable to as there are tuition "dues" and, in many cases, the families need the children to stay home to help with subsistence farming, child rearing and other household needs.  In many cases, families will allow only the one "most promising" of their children to attend school in hopes that it will ultimately allow that student to bring them out of the cycle of poverty.  

The sponsorship cost per child is $300 per annum.  This pays for housing, food, school tuition and the matron who lives at the SMS to care for the children.  

Below is a photo list of each SMS child, and we are adding new kids at both SMS and at the larger Koins schools constantly.   If you are interested in sponsoring one of these special needs students, please fill out the "Donations" form in Appendix A; alternatively, there is a separate "Donations" button that you can use for electronic donations.  If you have any questions regarding the Sponsorship program, please contact Nancy Littlefield ( or, for SMS-specific inquiries, Lisa Michels (   

Nancy and Lisa will work to create communication about the child you have sponsored via letters and periodic updates from our trips.

Beja Zuma: A five year old boy paralyzed lower limbs.

Bahati Bavu: A sweet seven year old girl with hydrocephalus.

Mariam Juma: A fun spirited girl who is paralyzed on the left side of her body.
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Mwero Benzinga: Even with deformed arms and hands Mwero can play soccer with the best of them.
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Mwandago Brash: Super student at the Myiani school. Never lets his diffficulty of being paralyzed on his left side stop him from enjoying life.
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Jumaa Mangale: Great smile and sweet personality! Great help with the younger kids at the Sean Michels School. Doesn't let his hunched back slow him down.
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Mudzo Ndoro: Has deformed arms yet gets involved in every sport possible.

Ndaro Hamisi: Loves hanging with the boys! Paralyzed on his left side.
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Riziki Dume: Fifteen year old girl who loves school and being with her friends. Both legs burned and deformed.

Mwanamisi Nyamawi: Super fun teenage girl who hopes to someday go to college even though she is paralyzed on one side of her body.

Keresai Kimai: Fifteen year old boy who is a friend to everybody. Lost his leg from a cobra attack at the age of seven.

Mgandi Chimene: Great soccer player who someday dreams of going to University. He is paralyzed on his left side.
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Mwanamisi James: Cute smile on a sweet loving ten year old girl. Missing her toes on both feet makes it difficult to walk.
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Musyoki Musyoka: A nine year old boy with a dream of finishing school. Has a deformed short arm yet someday wants to be a truck driver.
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Kanga Mwatela: Beautiful smile on sweet ten year old girl who was born without one of her hands.
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Mwaka Chityeke: Darling fourteen year old girl who has a clubfoot.
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