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A Gift of Hope

This Year Give a Gift That Lasts… 
…the Gift of Hope for a Family in Need.

Every year millions of gifts are given, but sadly, most are soon forgotten.  Instead of presenting gifts that will one day wear out, get broken or be overlooked in just a day or two, why not give something that will change a life, not only for a day, or even a year, but for generations.  

All measures have been taken to ensure that the villagers who receive your gift do their part prior to anything being given them.  Below you will read suggestions as to the everlasting gifts you can give.  Not only will the villager see the blessings of your generosity, but you will be given reason to rejoice as you receive personal letters from the villagers as they realize you have changed their lives.  Give the gift as a family, individual, or business in your own name or in the name of a loved one. 

"When you donate to a cause like this you are helping a person become a better person whereas when you give gifts, you can never get enough of what you don’t need. Material possessions are about getting more of what you don’t need. A cause gives to people what they really need. This is teaching a man how to fish instead of giving him a fish"

Sandy White

Choose a meaningful gift to give a loved one and help children and families in Kenya receive gifts that will help them become self-reliant.  Koins for Kenya will send a gift card directly to the gift recipient indicating the gift they are receiving and the giver. 

Agriculture: The Gift of Health

Rotational Garden $200
Rotational gardens are *one-time sponsorships.  The $200 donation provides your sponsored family, of whom you will become familiar, with everything they need to create the garden that will provide their children with the nutrition they need for brain, muscle, and bone development. The rotational garden sponsorship provides all the seed, soil treatments, insect repellent, water, and protective fencing for goats, chickens, and curious little people.                                                                       

Perpetual Chicken Program $250
Perpetual Chicken Program is also a *one-time sponsorship program. Since farmers have very little, or no extra money, participation in this program can be difficult because of our requirements for housing, flock health, and initial feeding of the chickens. A one-time sponsorship of $250 provides the initial chickens, housing for the birds, the necessary vaccinations against avian illnesses, and a feeding/watering start-up kit.

Milk Goat Program $200
Gala goat sponsorship will add one goat to the Koins/SRA herd.  A *one-time donation of $200 purchases the goat, all vaccinations, and feed seed for the life of the animal. The babies who we save now will fill our classrooms in the future, so please help, if you can.

*One-time sponsorship - This means that your gift will provide the foundation for the distant future needs of a family.  They only need a kick-start in these vital programs, and from then on self-reliance is attained through our ongoing instruction and hands-on assistance from in-country staff.


Water: The Gift of Life

Water Cistern $3,500
Water cisterns are a valuable commodity where water becomes scarce during 6-7 months of every year.  Our cisterns last for many years, and we simply do not have enough to keep up with the growing student enrollment. At many times over the years our cisterns have been the difference in survival for innumerable children.  A 35,000 liter cistern only costs $3,500, and can be adorned with school or sponsoring company logos, family names, or a simple saying to our community as they pass.

Bore Hole $4,000
Bore holes will provide the best, long-term return for our dollars spent on water. For only $4,000 we can drill a borehole deep into Kenya’s aquifer, tapping into an almost endless water supply. One bore hole can provide water for over a hundred men, women, and children of a village, ending sickness and even death from the lack of water.                                                                                                                                               

Education: The Gift of Enlightenment

Classroom Building $9,000
Facilities - Koins for Kenya schools have an enrollment exceeding 6,000 students….and growing.  New facilities are always a top need.  Classroom buildings currently cost $9,000 each to construct, with a current shortage of 16 classrooms in order to bring our average classroom size to 65 kids throughout our various schools.   Sponsored classroom buildings can be adorned with family crests, sister school logos, or the name of a loved one who shared an enthusiasm for education.

Student Scholarships
Option 1)  Students who excel in the classroom need not be held back because their families do not have the capacity to pay school fees.  Secondary students are required to pay $400 per year for tuition, equivalent to a year’s salary for many villagers.

Option 2)  The superstars who qualify for university (less than 2% of the students), are those who will make the most impact on our area in the future, are required to pay $2,500 per year for tuition, books, room and board to attend one of several Kenyan universities.

Each sponsored student will write letters to their sponsors at least three times per year, sharing their progress, including a copy of their recent report cards, and where they rank in their class.  These wonderful students recognize that their sponsors hold their future in their hands, and are grateful beyond measure that they have an opportunity to continue their education.  Monthly donations for our university students makes it easy to sponsor one of our gifted children who have fought a valiant battle to arrive at this unbelievable pinnacle of diligence. You will not sponsor an empty name with the Koins for Kenya scholarships, but will develop a true kinship with a student whose education and training will impact the future of our village area.

                                    Secondary Student Scholarship $400

                                    University Student Scholarship $2,500

Desks are the most popular item for the students that we provide.  Those who have sat for years on the ground find a throne-like delight in sitting at a simple wooden desk.  These hearty, wooden desks are made in our wood shop for $40 and last for years, with dozen of students filling them everyday.

You can buy one, or fill a classroom for $1000 (25 desks).  Since three students fit comfortably in each desk, you’re providing a long term, improved learning environment for a worthy child.

                                    One Desk $40

                                    Classroom of Desks (25) $1000


General Donations
A general donation will be used for the most immediate needs within each area.

                                    Agriculture Donation                        Amount $_________

                                    Education Donation                          Amount $_________

                                    Water Donation                                 Amount $_________

                                    General Koins Project Donation      Amount $_________


You can make a donation by check.  Simply click here to download and print a Donation Form to fill out and mail with your check to:

Koins for Kenya
19 West 550 North 
Farmington, UT  84025

If you would prefer, you can make an online donation by clicking here.

If you are giving this donation as a gift, fill out the Gift Recipient information on the mail-in or online donation form, along with any message you would like to share.  Koins for Kenya will mail a Gift of Hope gift card to your recipient, indicating the gift you are giving.

You will receive a postcard in the mail indicating the donation you have made.  Use this as your tax receipt.  Koins for Kenya is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Fed. EIN #20-5053322.  Donations to Koins for Kenya are tax deductible.  Consult your tax advisor for details. 

As is the case in all donations made to Koins for Kenya, the funds will be channeled directly to the projects in Kenya.  There is no portion kept for administrative needs or overhead, as everyone working with Koins in the United States is a volunteer, giving freely of their time, talents and resources.


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